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Fly Control In New Braunfels, TX

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Preventing Flies Around Your New Braunfels Property

Having flies buzzing around your property is an annoyance to anyone who enters your home or business, but flies are far more than just annoying. Because they often spend their time in unsanitary locations, when they get inside, flies can easily spread bacteria and other dangerous pathogens wherever they land, which is especially dangerous if you run a business in the food services industry. Still, it’s bad news for anyone who finds themselves dealing with a fly infestation.

If your property has an abundance of house flies or drain flies buzzing around, you need to do something for the health and safety of everyone around. Gold Star Exterminators provides the services you need to eliminate your fly problem and prevent it from returning. We have been serving homes and businesses with high-quality pest control solutions for over 40 years.

Fly Control From Gold Star Exterminators

Although our fly control services are primarily used on commercial properties, we also offer fly control for residential properties. Our main goal is to identify the conducive conditions around your property that are contributing to the problem so that we can offer recommendations about how to reduce or remove the conducive conditions and provide treatments to the most affected areas.

During our inspection, we will look for where dumpsters are, with relation to doors, your drain situation, and other conducive conditions. We will then use fly lights, fly bait, and can set small fly traps to eliminate your infestation. We have two types of fly lights that we use for different types of properties, which allows us to provide the most effective treatment method for your particular situation.

Get Rid Of Flies With Gold Star Exterminators

Getting rid of a fly infestation is not only a good way to eliminate a nuisance, but also to protect your customers, employees, or family from the health hazards flies cause. Gold Star Exterminators provides the services you need to identify and eliminate the conditions contributing to the problem and provide the necessary treatments to eliminate the infestation. Contact us to request your fly control service for your New Braunfels business today.