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How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your New Braunfels Home Fast

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Bed bugs are more than just an inconvenience. They can seriously jeopardize your quality of life through loss of sleep, stress, and the inability to go to work. DIY methods of treating for bed bugs may have you dumping chemical agents around your home out of desperation to get a good night’s sleep, but none of the spot treatments suggested on the internet will permanently and quickly get rid of bed bugs. For more information about bed bugs, whether or not they are dangerous, and how to effectively get rid of them with bed bug pest control in New Braunfels, keep reading.

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How Do Bed Bugs Get Into New Braunfels Homes?

Bed bugs are known as hitchhikers. Most often, they attach to a new host from a place that’s already infested like a hotel, daycare, or office. By clinging to shoes, briefcases, or luggage, they waltz right into your home and begin building up their numbers.

Sometimes bed bugs come in through pre-infested furniture or appliances. When buying second-hand items, be especially careful and look for signs of bed bugs before bringing them indoors. Bed bugs have been known to hide in unlikely places, even in curtains and picture frames, so make your inspection thorough.

The last way a bed bug infestation might start is through adjoining units in an office or apartment building. Bed bug control for hotels and apartments is especially important for this reason. Bed bugs can spread like wildfire through wall voids, or by simply walking from under one door to another.

If your property has been infested by bed bugs, it isn’t your fault. There are many reasons that bed bugs infest our homes, and the old myth that bed bugs are attracted to filthy homes is false and prejudicial. Don’t be ashamed of a bed bug infestation and let it spread. Call for bed bug control near you at the first sign of a problem.

Is It Dangerous To Have Bed Bugs In My New Braunfels Home?

While bed bugs are obviously annoying and hazardous to one’s mental health, they are not a significant health threat as they do not spread disease. Still, their presence can cause other secondary problems that might endanger their hosts.

Lack of sleep is an understated but important threat that can worsen your physical and mental health. In addition, sometimes secondary skin infections can result from bed bug bites, especially if the victim scratches them repeatedly.

Bed bugs aren’t dangerous in themselves, but that doesn’t make them a minor problem. The emotional toll they may take on a family is an emergency to us at Gold Star Exterminators, the best bed bug control near you.

Will Bed Bugs In My New Braunfels Home Go Away On Their Own?

Bed bugs are not likely to go away on their own once they have infested a property. Preventing them through bed bug control techniques for your home may reduce the chances of an infestation, but they won’t get rid of the population of bed bugs already in your home.

Yet, these bed bug control techniques for your home can make the extermination process easier or, with luck, unnecessary to begin with:

  • Don’t store anything under your bed.
  • Keep a plastic protector on your mattress.
  • Vacuum often, and wash your sheets regularly.
  • When traveling, don’t store luggage on the floor. 
  • After returning from travel, immediately wash and treat your clothes and luggage.
  • Check second-hand furniture, clothes, and appliances thoroughly before bringing them indoors.

Pest control to kill bed bugs may seem like a big expense, but your local bed bug pest control company in New Braunfels wants to work with you to keep your family safe and give you back restful nights. It may not seem obvious how pest control can kill bed bugs while DIY methods can’t, but the professionals know where and how to look and guide you on methods that will remove the entire infestation, not just spot treat.

What To Do About Bed Bugs In Your New Braunfels Home

Bed bug control isn’t guaranteed, and infestations, when they occur, aren’t your fault. Instead of allowing the problem to get worse and affect your sleep and your health, call Gold Star Exterminators for fast and effective pest control to kill bed bugs. To learn more about how pest control can kill bed bugs, and how we can keep your home and family safe from pests all year round, call Gold Star Exterminators today.

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