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Mosquito Control In New Braunfels, TX

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Stop Mosquitoes From Ruining Your Time Spent In Your New Braunfels Yard

Mosquitoes are some of the most well-known and hated pests in the world. It’s difficult to come up with even one positive quality about them, yet their prevalence in our lives requires us to deal with them on a daily basis in the warmer months. In addition to them being highly irritating, mosquitoes are also quite dangerous. Worldwide, they kill more people each year than any other animal, and they are responsible for spreading a variety of dangerous illnesses. Here in New Braunfels, we have to worry about West Nile virus, Western equine encephalitis, and many more mosquito-borne diseases.

If your New Braunfels property has a lot of mosquitoes on it, you probably avoid going outside at certain times of the day. However, at Gold Star Exterminators, we don’t think tiny pests should dictate the time you spend outdoors on your own property. We offer mosquito control services in the New Braunfels area designed to greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property, allowing you to enjoy your time spent outdoors without the bother of mosquitoes.

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Mosquito Control From Gold Star Exterminators


The key to a successful home mosquito control program is knowing what areas of your property contribute to your mosquito problem. We’ll inspect your property to identify breeding sites, resting areas, conducive conditions, and areas of standing water. Once we complete our inspection, we’ll make recommendations about what you can do to prevent out-of-control mosquito populations in the future. Eliminating conducive conditions, such as areas of standing water, will go a long way in providing a long-term solution to your mosquito problem.


We offer several mosquito control treatment options to our customers. Our primary treatment method is the installation and maintenance of the In2Care system. We’ll place the system in an area of your yard where there is a large mosquito population. It works by attracting the female mosquitoes, which pick up the active ingredient on their bodies. Not only does the active ingredient eliminate the mosquito within a couple of days, but that mosquito can also spread it, effectively eliminating both adult mosquitoes and the larvae in the breeding sites the adult mosquito visits.

When we install the In2Care system, we will also provide your yard with a backpack fogging service to immediately relieve your mosquito problem by eliminating adult mosquitoes on contact. If you prefer to have regular backpack fogging treatments instead of or in addition to our In2Care system, we offer these treatments monthly.

One-time fogging services are also available for special occasions. If you have an outdoor event coming up, such as a party, wedding, or concert, we can pre-treat your property to reduce the mosquitoes just in time for your event.

All of our mosquito control services are seasonal and can vary from year to year. We’ll work with you to determine a treatment schedule that will keep your property as free of mosquitoes as possible for as long as they’re active.

Get Outside With The Help Of Gold Star Exterminators

Avoiding your yard because of mosquitoes is not something anyone should have to do. Often, mosquitoes come out in droves at the very time of day that is the most pleasant for people to be outside. Instead of staying in your house, get back outside with the help of Gold Star Exterminators. We offer a variety of mosquito control services for your New Braunfels property so that you can choose the one that best meets your needs. Contact us to schedule your service today.

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