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New Braunfels' Complete Guide To Striped Bark Scorpion Control

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You move an object in your yard and you see a scorpion. The first question you may have is, "What kind of scorpion is it?" After all, the striped bark scorpion has a reputation for being more dangerous than other types of scorpions. But this is actually true of the Arizona bark scorpion, not the striped bark scorpion. The Arizona bark scorpion is considered the most dangerous of all North American scorpions. You may not be aware, but there is a difference between a striped bark scorpion, which are common household pests in Texas) and the Arizona scorpion, which can be found in Arizona and Nevada.

Striped bark scorpions might be the biggest pests out of all North American scorpions, but they're not the most dangerous. Let's look at how you can identify a striped bark scorpion, what you need to know about them, and, perhaps most importantly, how to get rid of scorpions in New Braunfels.

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What Do Striped Bark Scorpions Look Like In New Braunfels?

It is important to consider different kinds of scorpions because striped bark scorpions are common household pests. Most other scorpions are not. It is also helpful to know what scorpions you're trying to control, especially if you're hoping to get rid of scorpions.

These scorpions have stripes, as their name implies. Adults range in size from 2 to 3/8 inches and are yellowish to tan in coloration. Their stripes are dark and run lengthwise from the head to the base of the tail.

Another way to tell that you're looking at a striped bark scorpion is to observe its behavior. We're often asked, "Can scorpions climb walls?" The answer is yes, bark scorpions can. They can also climb across some ceilings.

Are Striped Bark Scorpion Stings In New Braunfels Deadly?

After we're asked, "Can scorpions climb walls?" this is often the second question we are asked. Experts say that deaths attributed to striped bark scorpions are not well substantiated, and it is widely believed that there are no scorpions in our state that are considered deadly. If you're stung by a striped bark scorpion, you can expect localized pain, swelling, and an itch that lasts for days. You may also experience discoloration of the wound and numbness. You're not likely to die.

How To Safely Get Rid Of Scorpions On Your New Braunfels Property

When different kinds of scorpions come into your yard, they're all basically looking for the same things. If you want to get rid of scorpions naturally, you may be able to do this by addressing these attractants.

  • Repair gutters and clean them out so that you don't have ground saturation near your home and standing water. These are attractive to scorpions.
  • Get rid of the food. What do scorpions eat? Pests. If you have a good pest control program that addresses critters with six legs, eight legs, and a lot more than eight legs, you'll deter scorpions.
  • Remove debris, such as dead branches, leaves, rocks, etc. This will make the perimeter around your home less interesting to scorpions and the pests they eat.
  • Keep your landscaping trimmed and only give your vegetation the water required. A damp landscape is not only going to attract scorpions and other pests, it's actually not good for your plants.
  • When it comes to deterring bark scorpions, it is important to seal entry points in your exterior. This scorpion is different from other types of scorpions in that it is a great climber (as we mentioned). You need to use a caulking gun to seal gaps in your exterior, repair screens, replace weatherstripping, and take other steps to make it more difficult for these scorpions to get inside.

Effective Scorpion Prevention Tips For New Braunfels Properties

When it comes to keeping scorpions out of homes, it is best to hire a trained professional who knows how to get rid of scorpions. Professionals use field-tested methods to locate scorpion activity, select products, apply treatments, and evaluate the success of treatments.

At Gold Star Exterminators, our service team uses Integrated Pest Management to remove and control scorpions on your property. This method of pest control provides long-lasting control and proactively works to prevent scorpion issues inside your home. While striped bark scorpions aren't necessarily dangerous, it is best to have this level of protection when it comes to these pests.

If you have questions about scorpion control in new Braunfels, or you'd like to request a service visit, we can help you get started with a residential pest control program for your home that will not only stop scorpions from presenting a threat to you and your family, but give you control of the long list of other common pests that can create a nuisance, damage your property, and impact your health.

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