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What are termites?

Termites are insects tasked with an important job in the ecosystem; they feed on and get rid of decaying wood and other plant materials. What makes them so important outside in nature is what makes them so dangerous in our homes. When termites find a way into our Texas homes, they will invade and begin feeding on its structural wood.

Subterranean termites are the most common termites in our area. They have high moisture needs, which is why they nest under the ground and prefer to feed on water-damaged or decaying wood.

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Are termites dangerous?

Termites are dangerous to have on our properties. They are social insects which means that they work together to maintain their nest and gather food. Preventing these and other social insects is difficult.

Unlike other insects that feed on the same food we do, termites feed on wood located within our homes. Their danger is not because they contaminate our food or spread diseases, but because of the costly structural damage, they cause. Each year termites across the country cause more than five billion dollars in damage.

Why do I have a termite problem?

Termites can become a problem on any of our Texas properties. Each day worker termites leave the nest to forage for food. Traveling through the soil, they often make contact with the foundations of homes and other buildings moving inside through cracks and other openings they discover.

Whether you have a nest in your yard or there's one on a neighboring property, termites can find a way into your house. Unfortunately, unlike other pests, you won't easily notice their presence; you won't find termites roaming around your home and yard. More often than not, by the time you notice a termite problem, they have likely already caused costly damage.

Where will I find termites?

Outside termites nest in the ground, the damp, cool soil providing them with the constant source of moisture they need to survive. When termites enter our homes, they quickly move into structural wood and begin feeding. Structural wood located behind walls and under floors near pipes, air conditioners, sinks, and tubs is most prone to subterranean termites.

How do I get rid of termites?

Living in Texas means that you need to take the necessary steps to guard your home against wood-eating termites. They are a year-round threat, so the best way to stop them in their tracks is to partner with a local and experienced pest professional in New Braunfels. At Gold Star Exterminators, we will get rid of any termites they have already moved onto your property and implement the preventative measures necessary to provide a long-term solution.

Our professionals are committed to our customers and deliver prompt home pest control services that are reasonably priced. Through thorough inspections and a variety of effective treatment options, we will help you guard your home against destructive termites. To learn more about our termite control services and determine which one is the best option for you and your property, give Gold Star Exterminators a call today!

How can I prevent termites in the future?

Take advantage of the following tips to help stop termites from damaging your Texas property.

  • Remove or replace moisture-damaged wood in your house.
  • Repair leaky pipes, sinks, and tubs in your home.
  • Repair dripping air conditioners.
  • Use dehumidifiers to lower moisture levels in your home, and make sure rooms like kitchens and bathrooms are well-ventilated.
  • Avoid wood-to-soil contact on your home and out in your yard.
  • Keep a gravel or crushed rock barrier between the soil and the foundation of your house to help keep termites away from your home's exterior.
  • Look for cracks in the foundation of your home, sealing any you discover to help keep exploring termites from finding their way inside.

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