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Trusted Pest Control In Santa Clara, TX

The small city of Santa Clara is known as a neighborly place to live and grow a business. With sprawling flatlands, the views in Santa Clara are unlike any other. There is also the addition of close proximity to both Seguin and San Antonio, which make larger amenities and attractions available at a moment’s notice. While this small-town life might seem idyllic, it is also filled with potential for pest problems.

At Gold Star Exterminators, we work to bring trusted Guadalupe County pest control to the homes and businesses that need it most. We have been servicing the area since 1979 and to this day, we are committed to providing the highest quality work. It’s our mission to deliver effective treatments at a reasonable price so that our community never has to choose between savings and safety. We focus on exceptional service at every turn and we will always do what it takes to alleviate the pest pressures that you face. For more information on our services, please contact us today. 

Residential Pest Control In Santa Clara

Pest problems can develop in your Santa Clara home simply by forgetting to take out the trash or for seemingly no reason at all. This is why at Gold Star Exterminators, we provide homeowners with comprehensive pest control services to meet their every need. Whether you need a one-time service to treat cockroaches or are looking for year-round protection from a host of pests, we have you covered.

We offer packages that can be easily customized to your needs and each comes with its own pest-free guarantee. And for the customer who prefers green treatments, we offer monthly services that use only eco-friendly products to treat cracks and crevices. When you entrust the safety of your household to us, you can rest assured that we will do everything in our power to do so. To learn more about our residential pest control offerings, contact us today. 

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Commercial Pest Control In Santa Clara

At Gold Star Exterminators, we believe that keeping your Santa Clara business pest-free doesn’t have to be complicated. We bring more than 40 years of experience to every property that we service and all of the treatments that we develop are customized to your exact needs. This means that from your very first inspection through the maintenance process, we will always take into consideration the nuances of your business and the standards that your industry requires. All of the methods and products that we use are scientifically proven and we even offer a pest-free guarantee. Most importantly, we work to see our customers succeed and built long-lasting relationships with them, which is why we always promise to go the extra mile and treat your business as if it were our own. For more information on commercial pest control, please give us a call today. 

Keeping Santa Clara Homes Cockroach-Free In 2022

Santa Clara homes can find themselves riddled with cockroach infestations at any point during 2022, but the summer is notorious for an increase in their activity. These pests are lured inside homes in search of moisture and food to keep them sustained. Unfortunately, the prominence of these factors is what keeps the cycle of cockroach problems continuing. Luckily, the solution is clear.

At Gold Star Exterminators, we provide extensive cockroach control solutions for homeowners. With 40 years of experience and a continuing dedication to learning, we are able to safely prevent and eliminate cockroaches. We offer homeowners the options of one-time services that treat American, Oriental, and brown-banded cockroaches as well as ongoing protection from them with quarterly visits. For the homeowner who prefers a green alternative, we offer monthly visits with eco-friendly products as well. These services also come with varying guarantees that work to ensure the full removal of any cockroach problem. For more information on preventing cockroach problems, contact us today. 

Three Things Everyone In Santa Clara Ought To Know About Scorpions

Scorpions are one of the most frightening pests that Santa Clara residents can come across, with their intimidating pincers and venomous stings. But how much do you really know about these pests? Here are three things that everyone in the area needs to know about scorpions:

  1. Not all scorpions are dangerous. Luckily there are no known lethal scorpions in the Santa Clara area and only one species in the United States. 
  2. You can see them at night. Scorpions will have a fluorescent appearance at night and can be found using black lights, which may aid in locating infestations. 
  3. They are easily attracted. Scorpion problems may appear for a variety of reasons, some of which include the presence of other pests, standing water or leaks, and cool, shady spots.

Preventing and eliminating scorpions can prove to be a difficult task, which is why Gold Star Exterminators is here to lend a hand. Our scorpion control is the most trusted in the area and involves data-driven methods. Most homeowners opt to include scorpion services in their ongoing treatment plans in order to address the pests that attract scorpions as well. For more information on maintaining a scorpion-free home, contact us today. 

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