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Scorpion Control In New Braunfels, TX

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Keeping Scorpions Out Of Your New Braunfels Home

When you live in Texas, you're going to have to deal with scorpions at some point in your life. Ideally, your encounter will be somewhere outdoors, far away from your house, and not result in any injuries. However, in less than ideal situations, it is entirely possible to end up with a scorpion problem in or around your New Braunfels home. When this happens, you need the help of Gold Star Exterminators to safely and quickly eliminate your scorpion infestation and then provide the ongoing control necessary to keep scorpions from returning to your home.

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Scorpion Control From Gold Star Exterminators

To keep scorpions out of your New Braunfels home, Gold Star Exterminators uses two main treatment methods. First, we apply a liquid treatment to the interior of your home. Then we apply a granular treatment. Our scorpion control treatment for your home targets entry points that scorpions use to get inside and conducive conditions around your house that scorpions are attracted to.

In order to prevent scorpions from getting into your house, recurring services are necessary. Typically our customers include scorpion control in their general pest control plan. This added service allows your home protection against both scorpions and a variety of common pests in New Braunfels on an ongoing basis. We will return to your house either monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly to provide maintenance services.

Protect Your Family From Scorpions

Having scorpions in or around your house makes it difficult to enjoy your time at home. Instead of worrying about your family's safety, take action with the help of Gold Star Exterminators. We provide the treatments necessary to rid your New Braunfels property of scorpions and keep them from returning. Contact us to get started.

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