The Struggle With Tick Control In New Braunfels


The Struggle With Tick Control In New Braunfels

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Ticks are parasitic arachnids that are present worldwide. They are almost impossible to see with the naked human eye. Parasites are organisms that sustain themselves at the expense of another living creature. Ticks, for instance, gain nourishment via the blood of mammals, such as dogs, deer, raccoons, humans, etc. 

More than 800 kinds of ticks are found throughout the world, with roughly 90 species calling the United States home. Some of the most common ticks around New Braunfels include the American dog tick and the black-legged tick.

The American dog tick is also known as the wood tick and is only found in North America. While it does have a propensity for feeding on dogs, it can also feed on other animals. The black-legged tick, also called the black-legged deer tick, feeds primarily on deer and bears but will feed on other hosts when given a chance. They are notorious for spreading Lyme disease.

The American dog tick is brown with light-colored markings, while the black-legged tick is a copper color with black legs. Both ticks appear flat when unfed; however, the engorged ticks will have a round, pimple-like appearance. Any sign of these ticks in or around your property is a red flag to indicate that professional pest control in New Braunfels is necessary.

Why Do Ticks Bite Humans?

Ticks bite humans because we are mammals with warm blood. A tick's diet consists of blood, which is rich in nutrients the tick needs to survive; as such, ticks have adapted to detect when a possible host is nearby. Ticks can detect carbon dioxide, which is the gas humans exhale when they breathe. Ticks can also sense small vibrations or movements. Once a tick finds its host, the tick bites and drinks its fill. 

Keeping Ticks Off Your Pets 

Keeping ticks off your pets is imperative for optimal health. When a tick feeds, it buries its mouthpart into its host's skin and latches on tight. It is essential to check your pet's fur regularly. Daily brushing and regular baths can ensure that you catch anything amiss. If a tick is spotted, it should be removed as soon as possible. Improper tick removal can result in the ongoing transmission of diseases. If the tick's body is removed but the head remains on your pet, it can continue to pass bacteria and viruses from its mouth into your pet's bloodstream. A professional, like a veterinarian, will be best equipped to remove ticks.

Natural Tick Repellents As A Form Of Tick Management 

Ticks spread diseases, such as tularemia, rocky mountain spotted fever and Lyme. The best way to avoid contact with ticks and the potential pathogens they carry is to prevent attracting ticks in the first place. Some natural and simple tick repellent tips include:

  • Wear light-colored clothing so that ticks can be easily spotted

  • Check yourself and your pets for ticks after spending time outdoors

  • Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants when going outside

  • Trim back grass and keep vegetation low

  • Keep wildlife off of your property by limiting yard debris and maintaining proper trash storage

While these tips may help keep ticks at bay, you may still require the help of professionals to get rid of ticks for good

Tick-Proof Your Yard In New Braunfels

A tick-proof yard is more obtainable than one might think. In addition to the above tips for your property, consider adding a tick barrier to your yard. If your yard abuts a wooded area, create a wood chip or gravel wall between the tree line and your yard. Additional barriers can be placed around patios, chicken coops, playhouses, or the like. The barrier should be a minimum of three feet wide. This will discourage ticks from crossing, as they need areas of vegetation to thrive.

Contact a professional for a surefire solution to an active tick problem and a guaranteed prevention plan. A professional pest control team, such as Gold Star Exterminators, will ensure that your New Braunfels property is protected against pests like ticks. With Gold Star Exterminators, pest control in New Braunfels is in excellent hands. For peace of mind, reach out to Gold Star Exterminators today!