Prepping Your New Braunfels Home For Termite Season


Prepping Your New Braunfels Home For Termite Season

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Do you love those hot, humid days of Texas? Most people aren't big fans. But do you know who absolutely loves them? Termites! These pesky insects can be one of the most costly pests to ever enter your home. They cause billions of dollars worth of damage to homes and businesses in the United States every year, and Texas is no different.

Preparing your home with the proper termite treatments in New Braunfels may be one of the smartest precautions you take to protect your property. During this termite season, don't get caught unaware.

When Is Termite Season In New Braunfels?

Although termitescan be a menace year-round, there are times during the termite season in New Braunfels that their presence is more visible. When the subterranean termite, the most prevalent species in our area, reaches a certain maturity, they begin to swarm, looking for a new home.

You'll start to notice the swarms in the spring when it begins to warm up. Here in Texas, termites tend to swarm from April to May, but people do see termite swarms throughout the warmer summer months as well. Swarms have even been observed inside large warm structures such as barns during the winter. A warm day after a rain event is when you'll customarily see them swarming.

How Do I Know If My New Braunfels Home Has Termites?

Termites can be in your home for a considerable amount of time before you are aware of their presence and know you have a termite problem. Unfortunately, they can cause a lot of damage during that time, so it's important to know the signs of termites in your home. 

One of the most obvious signs of termites is their swarming at night around outside lights, especially after a rainy spring day. You may also spot discarded wings around your windows or doors. Another possible sign is the tiny oval droppings that may look like sawdust around windowsills or under the carpet.

What Does A Termite Infestation In New Braunfels Look Like?

As stated before, wood-destroying termites can be present in homes and businesses and cause significant damage before termite infestations in New Braunfels can even be noticed. Watch for these signs that may indicate you have a termite problem.

  • Floors start to get noisy or squeaky.

  • You find blistery wood or small holes in the drywall.

  • Mud tubes near the base of the home appear.

  • Windows or doors become difficult to open or close.

  • You start seeing areas of damaged or crumbly wood.

  • Floorboards begin to buckle, or tiling gets loose.

  • Paint starts to peel, or the appearance of water damage pops up.

If any of these crop up in your home, be sure to notify your trusted professional pest control company.

How Does Gold Star Get Rid Of Termites In New Braunfels?

Termite infestations in New Braunfels are, unfortunately, not an uncommon occurrence. Termites can do costly damage, and the sooner signs of termites in your home are detected, the better. 

With over 40 years of experience, our professionals at Gold Star Exterminators have the know-how to inspect your property and identify whether or not you have a termite infestation. Our technicians can gather the information needed over the phone or by a quick visit to your home to provide you with a free quote.

At Gold Star Exterminators, we have a variety of termite treatments available that will fit your needs and budget. We will treat all the cracks and crevices inside your home to rid you of the pests, along with treating the exterior.

We also have several recurring pest control plans in New Braunfels to ensure you won't have to worry about future termite infestations. So be sure to give us a call, whether you're experiencing a current infestation or looking to avoid a future one.