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Quality Pest Control In San Antonio, TX

Perhaps one of the most famous historic places in all of the country, the city of San Antonio is the home of The Alamo. Today, San Antonio is a thriving modern city with its iconic River Walk, San Antonio Zoo, and San Antonio Museum of Art. With historic sites, countless music venues, and barbeque to the heart’s desire, there is always plenty to do for residents and visitors alike. Given the size of the city’s population and warm year-round climate, pest infestations are a common issue for property owners.

As a family-owned and locally-operated business, at Gold Star Exterminators, we understand the needs of our community and we work around the clock to meet them. Our Bexar County pest control is always customized to your unique needs and, with a comprehensive list of services, there is no pest issue that we can’t tackle. Honesty and fairness are at the core of what we do, so when you entrust your property to us, you can rest assured that you will always receive the very best service. To protect your home or business from pests year-round, contact us today. 

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Residential Pest Control In San Antonio

As a local business, it’s our mission at Gold Star Exterminators to keep the homes of San Antonio completely free from pests. Our residential pest control programs are all customized to your specific needs, whether that entails a one-time service or quarterly treatments to prevent pest problems. We offer a wide array of additional services from scorpion and mosquito control to termite protection. No matter what scenario your home offers, we will treat it in a way that is safe for your household. For more information on keeping pests out of your home, contact us today.

Commercial Pest Control In San Antonio

At Gold Star Exterminators, we’re a locally-owned business, so we understand the pest pressures that our commercial pest control customers are under as if they were our own. When you entrust the safety of your property to us, you will always receive the highest quality of care around. Our pest control experts are all licensed, certified, and utilize state-of-the-art methods in order to acquire safe and effective pest-free results. Your journey with us will begin with an inspection of your property, both inside and out. During this time, we’re looking for current pest activity, points of entry, as well as potential problems. After assessing the situation, we’ll work with you to determine what the right course of action is and create a plan to execute.

We typically recommend that our commercial pest control customers receive regularly scheduled maintenance in order to keep their businesses free from pests throughout the year. Most importantly, we promise to provide outstanding customer support and guarantee all of the work that we do. For more information on how to protect your property from pests, contact Gold Star Exterminating today.

Guide To Reducing Scorpion Problems Around Your San Antonio Property

Scorpion interactions are potentially a very common part of your life in San Antonio, but they don’t have to be. In order to reduce scorpion populations around your property, try these tips:

  • Clear all fallen tree limbs, leaf piles, and other yard debris. 
  • Store firewood at least 20 feet away from your foundation. 
  • Eliminate standing water or ensure that it is turned over on a routine basis. 
  • Rectify external leaks in places like gutters, downspouts, and pipes. 
  • Fill all cracks in your home’s foundation with caulk, use weatherstripping to fill gaps around doors, and use door sweeps if needed. 

At Gold Star Exterminators, we understand that sometimes scorpions are a nuisance and some are very dangerous. Our scorpion control methods are built to address both current problems as well as future ones. We provide a comprehensive inspection and address conducive conditions and points of entry. If you desire ongoing protection from scorpions, we can easily incorporate it into your ongoing residential pest control program. For more information on scorpion control, contact Gold Star Exterminators today.

Why Homes in San Antonio Need Professional Termite Protection

Termites are one of the most detrimental and expensive pests that San Antonio homeowners may encounter at any given time. Each year, they cost American households five billion dollars collectively because of their insatiable appetite for wood. The typical termite infestation goes undetected for at least 18 months because of where this damage takes place and how long it takes to show. Some of the results of termite damage include hollow walls, bubbling wallpaper and paint, doors and windows that won’t shut, swollen ceilings, blistered wood, and in the worst cases, foundations that collapse. While DIY methods exist, they are simply not as effective as professional termite protection.

At Gold Star Exterminators, our licensed and certified pest experts partner with homeowners to provide detailed inspections and apply professional-grade liquid treatments like Termidor®. We also provide a one-year extendable warranty so that termites never have to be of concern again. For more information on professional termite control, contact Gold Star Exterminators today. 

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