The Best Way To Deal With House Spiders In New Braunfels
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The Best Way To Deal With House Spiders In New Braunfels

Spiders are common and creepy houseguests. They zip along floors and walls, hang out on moist shower drains, and create webs in many places. Here is a quick question for you. "If you were to leave your home for a year and come back, what do you think those spiders would do?" That's right. You'd have wall-to-wall webs. The only thing keeping spiders from filling your home with webs is you. It isn't commonly understood, but humans deter spiders naturally. Most spiders don't prefer to crawl around in rooms where humans are active, and they don't prefer to create webs on clean surfaces. If you actively wipe down surfaces and remove webs, you'll have fewer webs to remove. We're going to explore this, and other all-natural spider-prevention tips and also tell how professionals address spider pest control in New Braunfels. Before we get started, we'd like to remind you that you don't have to read a spider control blog to deal with a spider problem in your home. Jump to our contact page for assistance. Gold Star Exterminators can help you get rid of spiders and permanently keep them from entering your home. You don't have to do anything but enjoy a spider-free home. With that said, let's dig in and talk about natural spider prevention. We have lots of great tips to share with you today.

Types Of Spiders In New Braunfels

There are basically two types of spiders in New Braunfels. First,  outdoor spiders are spiders that prefer to stay outdoors. They don't get into homes because your home feels foreign to them. They prefer to live in vegetation. Second, common house spiders get inside because your home feels familiar. In nature, these spiders hide in caves and tree holes. Concrete and wood construction materials remind them of natural environments. It is critical to understand the behavior of spiders if you hope to keep them out of your home. Spiders just do what is natural to them. When you address what attracts spiders, you deter them from getting inside.

Are Spiders In My Home Dangerous?

All spiders have fangs and venom, but not all spiders can bite you, and not all spiders have venom that can harm you. In New Braunfels, only two kinds of spiders are considered a medical threat. They are widow spiders and recluse spiders. There are more than one species of each but they're all similar. What you need to know most about dangerous spiders is that they create tangled webs that are usually near the ground or inside a void. When you see these webs, contact a licensed professional to get rid of the spiders in New Braunfels.

Of the two dangerous types of spiders in our area, recluse spiders are the worst. Black and brown widow spiders don't prefer to live inside New Braunfels homes, but recluse spiders can. Not only can they live in your home, they can grow a large population. Some infestations found in the U.S. have had more than 5,000 individual brown recluse spiders! Yep. That's as bad as it sounds. While recluse spiders are reclusive and don't prefer to bite, they appear more often as their population increases. We've heard horror stories of residents taking a shower and having a recluse spider repel down from a ceiling vent. If you're thinking, "Um, no thanks!" We're with you.

Effective Spider-Prevention Tips

Most of the spiders that will get into your home are either harmless or docile. They can't bite you or they have no interest in biting you. They're also beneficial. Spiders eat mosquitoes, house flies, and other dangerous pests. This is why some people leave spiders alone and let them do their thing. But we don't recommend letting spiders do their thing in your home. It is far better to use pest management to address the pests that spiders eat. Doing so will reduce pest problems in your home and make spiders go away. It is a win-win! Here are a few of our best tips for insect and spider prevention, both ocontrolutdoors and indoors.

  • Turn lights off. Insects are attracted to light. Keep exterior lights off in areas where it is not a security concern. Pay particular attention to entryway lights. When flies buzz around near your entryway light fixtures, they zip right into your home when you open the door.
  • Install motion-detecting lights. We know how important entryway lights are. A simple solution is to use motion-detecting lights that only come on when you (or your pizza delivery person) approaches your front door.
  • Replace white lights with yellow lights. Insects are unable to perceive yellow light. While visually dimmer than white lights, they can get the job done in key areas.
  • Keep your curtains and blinds drawn at night to prevent interior lights from attracting pests.
  • Get your trash to the curb. When your trash sits for a week, it creates an odor that attracts flies. Those flies will attract spiders. 
  • If your receptacles have acquired an odor, wash them and disinfect them.
  • If you have trouble keeping your receptacles clean, you may consider appling an insect control device to the cover of your receptacles. These work to exterminate maggots, flies, cockroaches, and other common trash pests.
  • Inspect your gutter, clean clogged areas, and repair any damage. The primary job of your gutter system is to prevent rainwater from soaking your exterior and causing wood rot, but those gutters also help reduce pest activity near your home. Water is a building block of life. When rainwater doesn't soak into the ground or evaporate from vegetation, it invites insects, bugs, and spiders.
  • Trim your landscape vegetation, remove weeds, and only give your plants the moisture they need. Excess moisture is not only bad for your plants, it will invite pest problems. When pests move in, spiders come to feed on them.
  • Remove leaves and sticks. These trap moisture, provide a hiding place for spiders, and give insects an ideal habitat.
  • Remove objects that sit on the ground near your home, particularly stacked wood. Any object that has a void inside can provide a hiding place for spiders. If you can't remove an object, consider ways to seal gaps or holes that may allow spiders to get inside.
  • Remove spider webs and spider egg sacs. A single spider egg sac can have 300 eggs in it, depending on the spider species. That's a lot of spiders that could hatch and start exploring your exterior walls. Use a spider web removal tool to collect webs and egg sacs. If you remove an egg sac, you can simly crush it underfoot. If you prefer, you can throw it in a backyard campfire or apply a product to destroy the egg sacs. For spider webs in high locations, attach your removal tool to a long pole. That will give you the reach you need.
  • Wipe down surfaces to deter spiders from creating webs. It is a lot of work but it's worth it. You can do this around the exterior of your home and also in your garage for the greatest impact. 
  • Use cans of expanding foam or a caulking gun to seal potential entry points in your exterior. If you roll your sleeves up and do this, you'll have protection from insects, bugs, spiders, and rodents. You can't beat that with a stick.
  • Replace damaged weatherstripping, door sweeps, screens, and vent covers. Spiders commonly access homes by way of exterior doors and windows. If you can see light leaking into your home through gaps and cracks around your doors and windows, spiders can get in. 

Do you see how it works? When you manage your exterior, you naturally prevent spiders from getting inside. These tips might provide all the New Braunfels spider control you need. Spiders don't prefer to live in a yard that has limited food sources.

The Key To Effective Spider Control For New Braunfels Homes

If you already have spiders in your home, or you don't have the energy to deal with exterior spider prevention, let Gold Star Exterminators help. We can provide extermination services to locate, treat, and monitor spider acitivity in your home. We also provide ongoing exterior pest treatments that give you layers of protection. Granular spot treatments reduce pest activity before insects and bugs get to your landscaping or exterior. Spot treatments also address pests in your landscaping. We also apply a liquid application to your exterior, just in case insects, bugs, or spiders get past these two layers. On top of these, your technician will remove the spider webs that they can reach and apply a repellent indoors to drive pests and spiders out of your home. If you want a spider-free home, we know of no better way to keep spiders out. If there were a better way, we'd be using it. Contact us today for assistance. We can guide you over the phone and help you decide on the best solution for your specific needs and budget. You don't have to live with those spiders anymore.

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