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The Key To Keeping Rats Away From Your New Braunfels Home

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The warm, mild climate of New Braunfels can make it a safe haven for rodents of all kinds, including rats. These critters won’t think twice about invading your home, but how do you keep rats away?

Here’s what local homeowners in New Braunfels should know about how big rats can get, how dangerous they can be, why they’re so difficult to get rid of, and how pest control in New Braunfels can help deal with a swarm of rats.

a norway rat on a bathroom sink

How Big Can The Rats Get?

When discussing rat size, it’s important to understand that not all types of rats look or grow the same size. The two different types of rats you may encounter in your New Braunfels home are roof rats and Norway rats.

Including the length of their tail, roof rats can measure anywhere from twelve to eighteen inches in length. Along with dark, dusty fur, these rats have slender bodies, which make them nimble climbers who have no trouble accessing homes by climbing onto rooftops.

Also called brown rats, Norway rats can grow more than sixteen inches long and have bulkier bodies than roof rats, making it harder for them to do much climbing. These rats are far more likely to infest ground-level areas or basements.

How Dangerous Is It To Have Rats On My Property?

Not only are rats unsettling to look at, but they can also be dangerous for you, your family, or your pets if they invade your New Braunfels home. Some of the dangers that rats can pose include:

  • Spreading Disease and Bacteria. This is often the biggest concern when you’ve got a rat or rodent problem in your home, and there’s a good reason for it. Rats spend a lot of time in unsanitary places and mingling with other disease-ridden pests, which means they can become carriers of various diseases and bacteria. Some of the most common diseases and bacteria spread by rats are hantavirus, tularemia, rat-bite fever, salmonellosis, and even the plague. Rats are most likely to spread disease through urine and defecating around your home, but they can occasionally spread these pathogens through bites or scratches too. 
  • Causing Property Damage. Like many rodents, rats will build nests and find hiding places in your home, and they can cause a lot of property damage along the way. With rodent infestations, it’s not uncommon for rats to chew through building materials, insulation, or even electrical wires. 
  • Bringing in Parasites. While they’re out in the wild, rats may pick up their own parasites, like fleas, mites, and ticks. Once they enter your home, these parasites might decide they’d like an upgrade, which usually means infesting your home, pets, and family. In many cases, these parasites can spread their own diseases. 
  • Scratching or Biting. Although it isn’t always the case, rats can sometimes bite or scratch if they feel threatened. A rodent’s first instinct is usually to flee, but if they’re cornered, they may lash out at you or a pet, which could put you at risk. 

Having rats in your home is dangerous for you, your family, your pets, and even your property itself. So how can you get them out?

Why Is It So Hard To Get Rid Of Rats?

Some homeowners may assume they can get rid of the big rats in Texas on their own, often by using DIY methods, like smells that keep rats away. Given how quickly rats can reproduce and how clever they can be at hiding, most DIY methods aren’t truly effective for rat control—nor do they address why rodents are targeting your home.

Ultrasonic rodent repellents, mothballs, peppermint, and rat poison won’t get the job done, and these methods may even be toxic for your family or pets. It’s usually a good idea to steer clear of these methods. 

The Secret To Total Rat Control For New Braunfels Properties

You may not be able to rely on DIY methods for rat control, but you can rely on the professional services of Gold Star Exterminators. We’ve been serving the New Braunfels area since 1992, and with thousands of satisfied customers, our trustworthy reputation speaks for itself.

If you suspect you may be dealing with roof rats, Norway rats, or even some other type of rodent, don’t continue to put yourself or those you live with at risk any longer. Contact us today at Gold Star Exterminators to learn more about our New Braunfels rat control services or to request an estimate of our services.

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