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A Handy Silverfish Prevention Guide For New Braunfels Homes

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silverfish on a book

When you are confronted with this alien-like bug, you might be fearful, but who wouldn’t! A silverfish has so many things poking out from it, from its many legs and different antennas. Much like their namesake suggests, they are silver in color and a terrible sight to see in your New Braunfels home

There are over 100 different types of silverfish, but the one you’ll most likely encounter in your New Braunfels residence is the household silverfish. This kind of long-tailed silverfish can infest your New Braunfels home without your notice. So the best way to get rid of silverfish is to learn more and better prepare yourself when you find them.

What Is This Silver Bug In My New Braunfels Bathroom?

Long-tailed silverfish can seem like an anomaly when you come across them in your home. However, they, like most bugs, go where the food goes. Silverfish can even end up inside by accident. Here are a few ways they can gain access to your homestead:

  • Books

  • Boxes

  • Food products

  • Clothing and fabric

  • Old or second-hand furniture 

People transfer, move around, and bring home these everyday things. This is why silverfish can seem like they suddenly appear. A silverfish can even turn dormant for long periods! This can trick you into believing there is no more problem!

Why Silverfish Invade New Braunfels Homes

No matter the different types of silverfish you may come across, they are typically after safe and quiet places. They eat things like book glue, paint, carpet, and other types of furniture. There is no place better to find all of these things than in a home.

Because of how small silverfish are, they can find their way into your home through virtually any opening. On top of that, you might not notice how quickly they can spread once inside. One female silverfish can lay up to a cluster of 20 eggs in a day. As for where silverfish originate from, look at the dirt around your home.

Easy And Effective Silverfish Prevention Tips For New Braunfels Homes

A silverfish infestation is hard to deal with due to its small size and mostly noticeable life. However, you can take a few steps to prevent these squirmy guys from getting in.

  • Use essential oils or dried bay leaves to drive them away.

  • Implement sticky traps in localized hot spot areas.

  • Get a dehumidifier for your home.

  • Repair or replace moldy books or wet wood.

  • Don’t store clothing or books in the garage, attic, or basement.

While silverfish are not harmful to humans or pets, they can damage household items and clothing. They can infest walls as well and are exceptional climbers. Silverfish are mainly a nuisance when you happen across them, but that doesn’t mean you have to take it.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Silverfish In Your New Braunfels Home

Silverfish infestations are not to be taken lightly, so when you need help, turn to us at Gold Star Exterminators. Our talented team has been in the game for over 40 years, so you know you can count on our experience. When it comes to the best way to get rid of silverfish we’ve got your back with a thorough inspection and elimination process.

At Gold Star Exterminators, you’ll find reasonable rates for a high-quality team. We know that silverfish are not the kind of thing people want to find in their homes. With our help, we can ensure that you live your best, pest-free life in no time. So give us a call at Gold Star Exterminators today to learn more about our many service options.