Why Do I Have Fleas In My New Braunfels Home?


Why Do I Have Fleas In My New Braunfels Home?

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Pests can definitely be an obstruction to outdoor recreation, as they’ll often swarm around you. Some, like fleas, come with complications. Their rampant presence gives the impression that they’re harmless, but they’re anything but. You or your beloved pests could contract flea diseases because these bugs drink blood from both humans and animals. Itchy and red bites on the body aren’t where it ends. To keep the critters at bay, you have to learn more about their risks and why they enter homes in New Braunfels. Also, find out the best way to get rid of fleas. Gold Star Exterminators can help.

How To Tell If It's Fleas In Your New Braunfels Home

The luster on the compressed, reddish-brown bodies of fleas is how many people recognize them. Regarding size, these wingless insects are a tiny 0.09 of an inch long. Another indicator is watching them hop from their hind legs. If they have their way, they’ll end up on your clothes or top of an animal. If you don’t have a pet, rodents, squirrels, and similar pests are the next best thing to fleas.

Here’s what confirms an infestation: 

  • Seeing that pets are scratching themselves at an increased rate
  • Noticing bites on your skin continually
  • Finding flea feces on rugs and animal bedding
  • Discovering flea eggs near structural voids, pets, carpeting, and furniture

When you’re in a place like a park or a forest, you should be on alert. Fleas live in woody and grassy locations, especially if there is shade or sand. Areas with water are hubs for them, such as a pond, lakeside, or ditch. Residential zones attract fleas too. Don’t be surprised if you see loads of bugs around your patios and decks. You could also come across them while sprucing up shrubbery, lifting rocks, or raking piles of debris; they’ll sit underneath it. Breeding can happen indoors, so avoid wishful thinking that fleas will die without being outside. 

All The Reasons Fleas Come Into New Braunfels Homes    

Fleas are after blood because absorbing it is necessary for their survival. As previously described, they can get into domiciles if they’re on your person or an animal on your property.

Following flea bites, you may have signs of typhus, tapeworms, or parasitic, bacterial diseases. Skin inflammation and allergic reactions are expected. Accidentally tearing your skin after scratching flea bites opens the door for secondary bacterial infections due to germ exposure. Anemia could be an issue with a rigorous flea infestation, as your blood will be withdrawn multiple times. Flea diseases are not a small problem at all.  

Natural Flea Prevention Tips For New Braunfels Homes 

A flea infestation has to be circumvented at all costs. Using “do it yourself” DIY flea spray or commercial insecticides will only exacerbate your difficulties. Rather than bother with these usually expensive avenues, do this: 

  • Trim grass and trim greenery on a routine basis. 
  • Discard debris that’s on the lawn.
  • Lay gravel down for the property perimeter. Don’t use soil. 
  • Discuss year-round flea management and treatment for your pets with a veterinarian. 
  • Examine and groom your animal’s coat regularly. 
  • Vacuum and cleanse rugs often.  
  • Scan second-hand items, like furniture and pet toys, before buying them. 
  • Contact Gold Star Exterminators if you have pests fleas may have as a host.

The Secret To Total Flea Control For New Braunfels Homes 

Not only are “do it yourself” DIY flea sprays and retail pesticides pricey and ineffective, but they might also be hazardous. We at Gold Star Exterminators have safe solutions that are industrial-grade. This includes specialized treatments for shrubs and lawns. You can trust that our offerings are the best way to get rid of fleas. Give us a call today!