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Why Is It So Bad To Have Cockroaches In My New Braunfels Home?

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Nobody wants a cockroach infestation on their hands, least of all homeowners in New Braunfels. Thinking about these pesky bugs is enough to make anyone’s skin crawl, but cockroaches can be inevitable. With over 4,000 different types of massive cockroaches in the world, it’s a wonder you don’t see them more often. Finding cockroaches in your New Braunfels home is not a sign that your home is dirty. It’s more a sign that food and water are in the area than anything.

Cockroach pest control in New Braunfels can be a breeze when you know where and what to look for. Did you know that this gross creepy crawly in fact, can not survive a nuclear war? Cockroaches might be tough and resilient, but we can exterminate them from your home nonetheless!

Why Are There Cockroaches In My New Braunfels Home?

Want to know why cockroaches are infiltrating your home? Or better yet, want to know how to get rid of cockroaches in your house for good? Before you start looking for a cockroach exterminator in New Braunfels, it’s best to identify the kind of roach in and around your home.

A cockroach infestation is never great, but knowing more about what kind is in your walls can help you in the long run. Since these are the most likely culprits in your home invasion, you can learn more about how to get rid of cockroaches in your house when you come across them.

The Diseases And Other Dangers Spread By Cockroaches In New Braunfels

First things first, cockroaches won’t typically bite you. However, they can still inflict emotional damage if one happens to brush against you when you least expect. If you find them in your kitchen or bathroom, they can leave you with a proper fright or in a panic too!

Still, emotional is not the only kind of damage these bugs can bring. Cockroaches can contaminate food with bacteria and leave feces around your home. This can lead to all types of illness and related symptoms that can have you feeling under the weather. It’s best to treat a cockroach infestation like an outbreak in that you need to deal with it or you could end up infected!

Why Can’t I Get Rid Of Cockroaches In My New Braunfels Home?

Cockroaches can be hard to completely eradicate on your own. However, you can do a few things to turn the tide against them. But you need to keep in mind all the different things that make cockroaches difficult to exterminate.

  • They have a strong natural resistance to typical pesticides.

  • They have an amazing sense of smell and a stomach of steel.

  • They are very skilled at hiding and burrowing.

  • They can go long periods without food or water.

  • Bonus fact: Cockroaches can survive while decapitated for up to a week! That’s a week of still being able to squirm around without a head!

When you know your enemy, in this case, the cockroach, the better you can plan and attack. Getting to know the cockroaches in your home however is not very fun. There are many more effective ways to eliminate this bug from your home.

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In New Braunfels

Be rid of any and all massive cockroaches in your home with the most effective cockroach exterminator in New Braunfels. That would be our team at Gold Star Exterminators with over 40 years of first-rate experience. We are the right team for your pest problem, having worked with hundreds of satisfied clients in the past.

Be it residential or commercial Gold Star Exterminators can lend you a hand. At Gold Star Exterminators we will always go the extra mile when it comes to your satisfaction with our work. Look no further for quality cockroach pest control in New Braunfels because we can handle any pest job you have.