Pest Spotlight: How To Handle Scorpion Control In New Braunfels


Scorpions aren't prevalent in every state, but they're definitely in Texas. Home and business owners should consider pest control in New Braunfels to control scorpions. While some scorpions are small, some are about the size of a credit card. Most people find them intimidating, as they have stingers and pincer claws. Exposure to their venom could lead to a medical crisis. 

If you're contemplating buying a pesticide or a similar product, you might want to think again. Store items are not the best way to kill scorpions. They have a lot of faults and can make things potentially worse. Continue reading to learn how to handle these arachnids and how Gold Star Exterminators can assist you in getting rid of scorpions.

Types Of Scorpions In New Braunfels

The most dominant type of scorpion in Texas is the bark species. Generally, they are two or three inches long. They are a yellowish tan with two dark stripes running down their back. Bark scorpions can squeeze through spaces no wider than a credit card. Bark scorpions are natural climbers, which makes it easy for them to go up the side of homes, businesses, and interior walls. They crawl around on eight legs. If they feel threatened or need to grab hold of something, they'll use their two front pincer claws. Their stinger in the back is also helpful for defense. Scorpions prefer areas that are dark and have plenty of shade. If you spot these nocturnal arachnids during the day, there's a good chance you have an infestation on your property. 

You are most likely to see groups of scorpions by rocks, wood, and piles of organic debris. They will eat any pests they come across, including lizards, mice, and bugs. Pools of water will draw them because they need it more than a meal. Inclement weather and lack of a food source will move them indoors. Openings in vents, windows, doors, and foundations can be passageways for scorpions. Preferred hiding spots include:

  • Garages
  • Cabinets
  • Bathrooms 
  • Shoes
  • Basements

Constantly checking your belongings and space for scorpions can be aggravating but necessary to protect yourself from their sting if they feel threatened.

Don't Accidentally Attract Scorpions

Many people don't know they can inadvertently attract scorpions to their property. Remember that they surround natural matter, so it's important to groom your yard and keep it neat. Remove debris from your lawn. Be sure to sit plants and wood stacks far away from your home or business. Cut the grass regularly; don't let it get too high. Remember that scorpions rely on moisture, so eliminate standing water and fix any moisture problems. 

Six Facts About Scorpions You Probably Didn't Know 

Here are six facts worth knowing about scorpions:

  1. Fatalities from scorpion stings are rare. However, seek medical attention if you may be having an allergic reaction. 
  2. Scorpions birth live young; they don't release eggs like many other pests. 
  3. Scorpions can live for more than five years, depending on conditions. 
  4. A scorpion's fellow arachnids include spiders and mites. 
  5. You can see scorpions in the dark with ultraviolet lighting. 
  6. Scorpions can survive at least a year without food.

Knowing as much as possible about scorpions and other pests can never hurt.

Total Scorpion Control For New Braunfels Residents

You can depend on Gold Star Exterminators for scorpion control in New Braunfels. Our professional technicians will apply quality liquid and granular treatments to entry points and other key areas. Recurring maintenance visits are available. Commercial products are inadequate for infestation issues and can be dangerous to use. You can trust our safe and effective solutions. Get a free estimate when you call us today!