How To Keep Your Home And Property Flea-Free


How To Keep Your Home And Property Flea-Free

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flea crawling on human skin

You may think fleas are only a threat to your pets, but unfortunately, fleas are not only looking for dogs and cats to feed off of. Rather, these pests can be found almost anywhere, including homes without any pets, and will feed off of humans as well as their furry family members. Before you wake up with flea bites, it is important to take some preventive measures to keep these pests away. The best pest control in New Braunfels you can find to take care of disease-spreading fleas quickly and keep you safe is Gold Star Exterminators.

What Do Fleas Look Like?

Fleas are incredibly tiny, which is part of why it is so hard to spot actual fleas in your house in the first place. These pests are only about 1/12 to ? of an inch long. The best way you can spot these pests is when they are jumping around, something they are famous for. 

A flea has a dark reddish-brown color and extremely long legs that help with its jumping. These pests also have piercing mouthparts to bite you with. Because of their size, if you actually spot them in your rug or in the fur of your pet, they might just look like fuzz or something like pepper, but you can fully tell that they are fleas when they begin to jump.

The Dangers Associated With Fleas

Fleas might be a nuisance, but there's a much more serious reason you don't want them in your home. Flea control for your house and keeping fleas away for good is especially important because these parasites are major spreaders of harmful pathogens and other parasites such as tapeworms.

In the mildest of situations, you can have a flea bite and that's it, but oftentimes these bites can be very itchy, and excessive scratching can open yourself up to secondary infections. In the worst-case scenarios, a flea bite can expose you to illnesses like:

  • Bartonellosis

  • Tularemia

  • Tungiasis

  • Murine typhus

  • Bubonic plague

Any one of these can be extremely dangerous, but you don't have to let these illnesses into your home. There are things that you can do to protect yourself from potential flea infestations. 

Tips And Tricks To Get Fleas Out Of Your House

One of the best ways to get rid of fleas is to never actually have them in your home in the first place. Preventive measures are always the best solution to stopping pests, but many times people do not have the foresight to take the measures until it is too late. Be prepared, and protect your home by doing the following:

  • Get regular flea prevention for your pets to stop these pests from coming into your home that way.

  • Vacuum regularly to pick up any fleas or flea eggs.

  • Seal exterior holes in your home with a silicone-based caulk.

  • Keep your yard well-manicured and eliminate harborage sites like overgrown trees and shrubs.

  • Inspect clothing after spending time outdoors and look over your pets as well if they have been outside for a long time.

  • Put up fences and take other preventative measures to keep wildlife away from your yard.

These are just a few of the things that you can do to stop fleas from coming into your home, but if you do have these pests on your property you can contact the professionals at Gold Star Exterminators to help return your home to being pest-free.

Keeping Fleas Away From Your New Braunfels Home

Fleas are dangerous, but you can get them out of your home with Gold Star Exterminators. We will inspect your home and, after finding where the fleas are and where they are coming from, we can begin our pest control treatment. We use a liquid product application, both on the interior and exterior of your home. We will also recommend how to keep these pests away and how to keep your home safe.