Don't Let Bed Bugs Thrive In Your New Braunfels Home


Don't Let Bed Bugs Thrive In Your New Braunfels Home

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Living in New Braunfels, Texas, you have plenty of fun ways to spend your time! However, with the large number of invasive pests that find their way into your home, you could be forced to stay home and figure out a solution. With the help of New Braunfels pest control experts, you can get rid of any invasive pest fast. As one of the most common and troublesome pests, bed bugs can cause serious problems in your Texas home. However, Gold Star Exterminators are here to help.

Is It Cost-Effective Or Money-Wasting? Discussing Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs can reproduce rapidly, allowing a bed bug problem to turn into a full-blown infestation in a short timeframe. Due to the rapid spread and population growth, bed bug control is critical. While many homeowners try a "do-it-yourself" approach, this method is ineffective for bed bugs. Bed bugs are expert hiders and often burrow in electronics and furniture until nighttime. A return infestation is highly likely if you don't remove all bed bugs. In addition, pest control professionals should handle any chemical approach; they will adequately and safely apply them.

The most cost-effective approach is bed bug prevention. New Braunfels residents can implement these bed bug prevention tips to keep their home free of bed bugs at zero cost: 

  • Be vigilant when going anywhere with heavy foot traffic, such as a hotel, theater, or public transport. Bed bugs spread by hitchhiking on unsuspecting people.

  • Check secondhand items before bringing them into your house.

  • Sweep and vacuum floors regularly.

  • Wash and dry textiles using high heat.

These tips are simple and no-cost ways to keep bed bugs away from you and your property.

Are Bed Bug Pesticides Safe To Use In My Home?

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved numerous registered bed bug pesticides you can use in and around the home. It's vital to ensure you buy EPA-registered pesticides that are labeled specifically for bed bug control. Be sure to read the label carefully and thoroughly and follow all the directions and precautions. While the EPA approves this method, we recommend leaving the pesticide methods to pest control professionals. 

Where In The Home Bed Bugs Can Thrive

Bed bugs in New Braunfels are nocturnal parasites that drink the blood of their hosts to sustain themselves. Bed bugs prefer to keep close to their hosts, often hiding in tiny crevices in bed frames, mattresses, and box springs. Once an infestation enlarges, bed bugs will venture beyond the original room and create even more significant issues. They also hide in wallpaper, electronics, upholstery, and bags. Bed bugs thrive in areas with concealment and easy access to their hosts.

Bed Bug Removal Services Made Simple

It's essential to know how to prevent bed bugs from getting into your home and ways you can deal with bed bugs early. However, it is time to contact Gold Star Exterminators when they've taken root, and you don't know where they're hiding. These insects have a surprising knack for avoiding treatments. Our technicians use field-tested methods to prevent bed bugs from escaping treatments, and our products are known to work best. When you need local pest control for bed bugs in New Braunfels, Gold Star Exterminators is the right choice.

We'd be happy to speak with you about your bed bug issues and guide you toward a solution specifically targeted to your situation and adapted to meet your budgetary needs. Connect with us today; we're here to help!